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Send Wave is finally out!

April 28th, 2015 | By thescumfrog

After a spectacular premiere during the sunrise set at Burning Man last year, this summery vocal song went shopping for a label, and found Hot Since 82’s imprint Knee Deep In Sound. ‘Hot’ (his parents call him Daley) and his label crew liked what they heard, and suggested a carefully plotted release in the following spring, which would give them ample time to select the perfect people to create additional remixes for the song.

And after much anticipation, spring is here, the remixers (Mendo and Fabio Gianelli) delivered, and the tune is available for your downloading pleasure.

If you’re one of those people that will only play a tune when other famous DJs played it (I know you’re not, but DJs other than you are sometimes like that), then you’ll love this. Because not only did Pete Tong play it repeatedly on his Essential Selection, but Mixmag, Crackhaus, and Knights Of The Turntable wrote stellar reviews, Magazine Sixty made it ‘single of the week’, and the release has been championed by -are you ready for this?- heroes like Carl Cox, Francesca Lombardo, Groove Armada, Tensnake, Adam Beyer, Arnaud Rebotini, Behrouz, Droog, Federico Grazzini, Maxxi Soundsystem, Monika Kruse, Nathan Barato, and Pezzner

At the time of this blog post,the release is at #5 in the Beatport Tech-House releases, and naturally that means that it still needs to knock off four other releases before we can sleep at night. So please take a listen, and if you like what you hear, get a copy and play it to the world!

Your support is always immensely appreciated, and never taken for granted!



New DJ mix added to the archive for download

November 11th, 2014 | By thescumfrog

Days are getting colder and shorter, and the Scumfrog office is focused on solidifying the best ski-trips/DJ-shows for the winter season. In this spirit, Jesse gives us a taste of what to expect from a Scumfrog show in the coming months. Stream it on Soundcloud or download it from the archive in the main menu.

Do private equity firms talk to DJs?

September 16th, 2014 | By thescumfrog

Today the news broke that the Pioneer DJ division was sold to the private equity firm KKR for $551 million.

Having had the privilege and honor of working with Pioneer on several of their DJ products (mainly the DJM800) I gained a fair amount of insider perspective on how they became the market leader in DJ gear. It was the fact that they spent a great deal of effort and patience in talking to many professional DJs about their wants and needs while creating new products, so that their product line would truly be ‘for DJs by DJs’, while holding a professional standard.

Over the past years a shift in DJ culture, combined with a revision of Pioneer’s business strategy, has caused the Pioneer DJ line to fall from being ‘the’ standard to simply being one of many standards. This is not entirely Pioneer’s fault -some of it has to do with the sad reality that high quality sound is no longer a must for many DJs, opening the market to cheaper gadget manufacturers- but they did make a conscious decision a few years ago to significantly curb their hands-on relationship with DJs.
For many years Karl Detken, was their most active and most valuable liaison between the DJs and the Japanese design team. He had been a cornerstone in establishing a direct line of communication between top DJs and Japanese engineers, as well as making sure that the vast majority of A-list DJs were enthusiastic about specifically requesting Pioneer products in their riders. With this business structure Pioneer was unbeatable, and the numbers proved it. In the late 2000s, most of Pioneer’s products were losing money, but the “Pro DJ gear” was one of the very few branches that made a profit.

However, a shift in Pioneer’s policy led to the dismantling of this hands-on approach with DJs. A few years ago Pioneer told Detken his services were no longer needed (he took his skills to V-Moda and made their headphones into a very well established brand) and almost immediately thereafter, the urgency of Pioneer started to fade.

Today, Pioneer is still a top dog, but no longer is it THE top dog, and more importantly, it is no longer the ‘cool’ brand for the new generation of DJs. So as the news broke today that the DJ division had been sold for half a billion dollars to the private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, I wonder if either Kohlberg, or Kravis, or Roberts talked to DJs in their process of acquiring the company. Do they even know that the strategies that took the company to the #1 spot in its field, had purposely been abandoned? And what will be their strategy going forward? Someone in that firm may want to call Detken.

Article from Nasdaq about the Pioneer DJ sale:

Pioneer To Sell DJ Equipment Business To KKR For $550 Mln – Quick Facts –

I am keeping my eye on this one.

Timo Jahns & The Scumfrog end of summer decompression

September 5th, 2014 | By thescumfrog

Summer is over, and most of us have a lot of summer experiences from which to decompress. This would be the tune for that. Reminisce, go with the flow, and be ready for whatever comes next:

The end of Glam Scum International!

July 16th, 2014 | By thescumfrog

After 6 years of producing and presenting the weekly show Glam Scum, The Scumfrog has decided to end the popular radio program and podcast in an effort to shift his focus to making more original music. Started in 2008 on Satellite Radio, Glam Scum quickly caught on as an authority in new dance music. In 2012, the show shifted its format to feature predominantly underground Dance Music and Deep House. The host website will continue to operate as a music blog for The Scumfrog’s favorite new music.
The video is a personal goodbye from the frog himself.

Jukebox no longer streaming new episodes

March 3rd, 2011 | By thescumfrog

We apologize to all of you who were using the jukebox on the homepage for streaming the episodes. The hosting company Mixpod has decided to change their policy and only allow streaming of music that has been approved by them. We will be switching to a different streaming method soon.

In the mean time, all the recent episodes (scroll down) can also be streamed by clicking on the ‘play’ icon in the episode post, or by saving the episode to your computer by right-clicking on the ‘downlowd’ link, or by going to iTunes and subscribing to the show there, for automatic downloads each week.

Glam Scum International in iTunes:

Deep Segment DJ mix challenge WINNERS!

February 4th, 2011 | By thescumfrog

The wait is over. Thank you so much for all your mixes. We had a blast listening to all of them. The results are here:

Glam Scum is back!

January 23rd, 2009 | By admin

Hi everybody,

I’m so happy that we’re finally back! Glam Scum has become “Glam Scum International”, and I am looking forward to a great year of doing this, with new radio stations picking up the show all over the world.

We are still working on the appearance of this site, but the playlists are here, on the “playlist” page.

To subscribe to the show in iTunes, click here:

Stay tuned!

The Scumfrog