The end of Glam Scum International!

July 16th, 2014 | By thescumfrog

After 6 years of producing and presenting the weekly show Glam Scum, The Scumfrog has decided to end the popular radio program and podcast in an effort to shift his focus to making more original music. Started in 2008 on Satellite Radio, Glam Scum quickly caught on as an authority in new dance music. In 2012, the show shifted its format to feature predominantly underground Dance Music and Deep House. The host website will continue to operate as a music blog for The Scumfrog’s favorite new music.
The video is a personal goodbye from the frog himself.

6 Responses to “The end of Glam Scum International!”

  1. Brendan says:

    So sorry the show won’t continue….have listened for years. Been following since ’03 (extended engagement), and can’t wait for the new material.

    Keep on keep’n on!

  2. Dude-manchu says:

    Let me begin by saying, this is not good for me and its all about me, lol.

    I have used this show for so many things over the years, its a drug that has so many uses. But having to do something creative, week after week, for years, gets lame, I get that.

    However, just as a little love note:

    I get in my car and realize hell is real and scan my local radio station. A spark reaches my brain and I plug in my phone and I receive the command, “Turn it Up.”

    Man, I realize EDM is a super new for all you little plastic people, but Dude-manchu is 42, and I don’t hit clubs any more, so this was a balloon into my world filled with dreams of floors from the past, parties and pasties.

    I can’t tell you how many times I was brought to tears with a boom, tic, boom, blooming in my headphones. I can’t thank you enough for all the smiles, all the tracks I listened to over and over, the dork dancing in my car, in my office.

    Cheers, Respect, Thanks.

  3. Ashkan says:

    this show with scum frog is a drug for me, I listen to this show from 8 am till i go to bed, 7 days a week till new episode released.
    U are the best in what u do, all the people around me are addicted to this show just like me, I wish u The best in all steps u take… But … what about us??? 😀 lol
    we love u scum frog
    …Good luck man… Wish u the best, and thank u for all u’ve done
    from heart club, Tehran-Iran

  4. Alba says:

    thank you for the show, we miss them so much 🙁

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Thanks for sharing all the new and good tunes over the years!

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