Glam Scum International – February 13th, 2014

February 24th, 2014 | By thescumfrog

New music from Shlomi Aber, Pleasurekraft, Jayforce, Ismael Rivas

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  1. dude-manchu says:

    I imagine there is nothing one can relate to a professional dj that has not been said, “Dude… You are Super-Duper, Scumfrog…”

    But the important think to note is, while inside this spinning earth-dream, we have choices. We can select drama and death, we can cater to demons or we can go a different route. We can open ourselves up to a line of beats that has pulled us through since the time of dreams.

    Weekly, i find my instructions for traversing the universal zest, neatly packaged inside a free podcast. After about a year of listening, I was riding my bike, listening to some massive missive, when it occurred to me, I need more Scumfrog. So I got a password, and it was good.

    Anyway, back to the beats.

    Thank you for:

    Chad Tyson’s “Don’t Give a Damn”

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